Renae Martin’s life is a lie.

As a Guardian, she’s bound by three covenants – follow orders, don’t kill humans, and don’t blow your cover.

She broke all three on her first mission.

Striped of her rank and desperate to remain on Earth, Renae will do whatever it takes to prove she’s still an asset to the clandestine organization that created her. All she has to do is lie to her handler, outsmart a pair of spectral assassins, and avoid being drawn in by her intolerable human mark and his emotional drama. Easier said than done for an empath with PTSD and unreliable supernatural powers.

Liam Riley, an aspiring astrophysicist, is hellbent on solving one of the universe’s greatest mysteries and thinks his life is finally on track. He has his sobriety, a promising career, and he lives in paradise – everything changes when he meets an enigmatic and intoxicating woman who sends it all crashing off course.

Every lie is a choice, and every choice brings them closer to the truth.

Completed Manuscript – Seeking Representation

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