“Readers looking for a creative and talented new author need look no further… clever, fun, and guaranteed to captivate.” –The Book Life Prize by Publisher’s Weekly

Resurrecting humans is forbidden…

As a reaper, Renae Martin is duty bound to protect the secrets of the dead, even if it means stealing memories from her human marks and devouring a few souls. Her ravenous gift, however, has always had a mind of its own. If she can’t keep it under control, she’ll fail her probationary assignment and be sent back to the sensory deprived hell that is the afterlife where her demons haunt more than just her dreams.

Too bad Renae’s gift has other plans. Gods help her, because it wants to serve him—the man she accidentally brought back to life.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains mature themes and graphic content intended for an adult audience including self-harm (for magic reasons), panic attacks and PTSD, issues with addiction/recovery, first person injury and death, near-death experience, ghostly encounters, explicit language, explicit sex, and psychic sex magic. Reader discretion is advised. This is a 2nd Edition – Previously published as The Ash Gardeners

Birth made her a slave.

Love made her a martyr.

He’ll make her his queen.

Welcome to Eden. Born without magic into a brutal world where mage abilities determine survival, Vaza didn’t think her life as a breeder-queen could get any worse.

Not until a cult leader declares her identical twin must be sacrificed to resurrect a dead god. Vaza plans to destroy the prophet’s credibility by seducing him into breaking his sacred vows. To get close enough to ruin him, however, she’ll need to infiltrate The Order and do the one thing she fears most -open her heart and allow Brex to claim more than just her pleasure.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains mature themes and graphic content intended for an adult audience including issues with addiction/recovery, mental health, first person panic attack, suicide (back story/off page) non-consent (back story/off page) graphic violence, explicit language, explicit sex, and sex cult rituals. Reader discretion is advised.

The dramatic conclusion to the Dark Eden Series, where the lines between life and death, enemies and allies, loyalty and love blur beyond recognition.


Signed First Editions

The Ash Gardeners – Dark Eden Book One. First Edition Original Title & Cover. No Longer in Print

Other Works by J. Ember Hintz

THE REBEL DIARIES – What happens when the villain wins?

Thirteen tales will take you on a rollercoaster of grumpy witches, literary thieves, terrifying orphans, ghosts, pirates, snarky demons, skull drinking book worms, sociopaths, superheroes and ex-celebrities. Each story is utterly unique in its voice, tone and shape and yet, they’re all united by one glorious gift: REBELLION. Includes THE FOLLOWER by J. Ember Hintz.

THE FOLLOWER – A modern gothic ghost story by J. Ember Hintz

Clay Dennan is an unscrupulous and irreverent entrepreneur with everything to lose. He gets more than he bargains for when he buys a derelict church sight unseen with the intention of turning it into a lucrative Airbnb. Plagued by an infestation as stubborn as the small-town superstitions surrounding the property, he’ll need more than an exterminator to save him when the church’s dark history reveals itself and threatens to end the project—and his life.