Renae Martin will do anything to avoid being sent back to the sensory-deprived hell that is the afterlife. As a Reaper, her mission parameters were clear. Steal memories. Manipulate data at NASA’s telescope facility in Hawaii. Do not use your gift to resurrect random hot dudes.

But living in human skin and dealing with her past life PTSD is more difficult than she imagined. When she loses control of her gift and accidentally revives a human, it opens a psychic connection between them. Now she’s stuck inside the head of a man with a stormy personality and a past as dark as her own. Renae grows desperate to sever the bond before it compromises her cover, her mission and her self-control and gets her sent back to Almega and the demons she can’t seem to outrun.

There’s more to Liam Riley than his deliciously filthy mouth and brooding disposition. He values honesty above all else. Haunted by his near-death experience, he becomes obsessed with the woman who saved him. After he snags a position on Renae’s research team, he uncovers more questions than answers about his new boss’ unusual behavior and he’s determined to unravel her secrets.

When Liam’s quest for the truth threatens the tenuous balance between the worlds of the living and the dead, Renae will need to decide where her loyalties lie—with the clandestine organization that owns her, or with the man who could teach her what it means to be alive.

A steamy sci-fi fantasy romance for fans of mythology, magic, and scorching slow burns.

Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense Finalist.

Content Warning: This book is intended for readers 18 and older. It contains mature language and graphic content with darker elements that may be a trigger for some readers including: self-harm/cutting, panic disorder and panic attacks, obsessive thoughts about food, issues relating to drug addiction, recovery and alcoholism, injury and death as the result of vehicle accident/drowning/fire, near-death experience, ghostly encounters, other world afterlife/non-western mythology, explicit language, explicit sex, psychic sex magic, tentacle play.


THE FOLLOWER – A modern gothic ghost story by J.Ember Hintz

An unscrupulous and irreverent entrepreneur with everything to lose gets more than he bargains for when he buys a derelict church sight unseen with the intention of turning it into a lucrative Airbnb. Plagued by an infestation as stubborn as the small-town superstitions surrounding the property, he’ll need more than an exterminator to save him when the church’s dark history reveals itself and threatens to end the project—and his life.

REBEL DIARIES ANTHOLOGY – What happens when the villain wins?

Sick of dashing debonairs? Tired of being blinded by shining armor?

Sometimes, all a reader wants is a villain for a hero. The Rebel Diaries anthology features characters who aren’t afraid of getting what they want, causing a bit of chaos, dabbling in mischief and mayhem, and slathering on the sarcasm. These sassy tales are littered with questionable morals and happy endings—for the villains anyway.

Thirteen stories take you on a rollercoaster of grumpy witches, literary thieves, terrifying orphans, ghosts, pirates, snarky demons, skull drinking book worms, sociopaths, superheroes and ex-celebrities. Each story is utterly unique in its voice, tone and shape and yet, they’re all united by one glorious gift: REBELLION.

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