Renae Martin will do anything to avoid returning to the sensory deprived hell that is the afterlife. To remain among the living in a body that is not her own, Renae must first pass a probationary assignment at a NASA research facility in Hawaii. But living in human skin is difficult when every touch brings an overwhelming rush of clairvoyant sensations. But her gift wants and needs to be used. Its the only way to earn her place among the elite corps of Watchers. Renae’s plans begin to unravel when she uses her power to to bring an irritating and attractive stranger back to life.

Recovering addict Liam Riley has a lot to atone for, but he’s finally managed to stay ahead of the storm raging inside him. He has his sobriety and a promising career awaiting him just as soon as he completes his Ph.D. When an accident sends him crashing off course, he becomes obsessed with decoding the woman who saved him – his intoxicating new boss, Renae. But solving the universe’s greatest mystery might prove easier than getting the truth, or anything else from Renae Martin’s lips.

As the line between duty and desire blurs, Renae grows desperate to escape the debilitating effect her visceral attraction to Liam has on her mission, her sanity, and her self-control. When Liam’s quest for the truth unearths the secrets of the dead, he’ll be forced to abandon everything he believes and put his trust in the one person he doesn’t – Renae. Tangled in a web of lies, Renae must choose between her uncertain heart and an assured future while Liam’s life and soul hang in the balance.

Completed Manuscript – Seeking Representation

Book 4

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