About The Author

My passion for the writing began as an angst-ridden teen penning a storm of emotions into sometimes eloquent but mostly terrible poetry.

Although I still dabble with the occasional poetic verse, I focus most of my creative energy on bringing the characters and worlds that reside within my imagination to life. I write paranormal romance and romantic science fiction featuring strong female characters, with an emphasis on self-discovery, personal growth, and a healthy dose of heat.

Fun Fact – my pen name, Ember, is my REAL middle name, chosen to by mother and inspired by the full head of jet black hair that I was born with.

My alter ego is the wedding and events director for a large public venue. When I’m not planning parties or holed up in my writing attic, you’ll find me in my studio throwing paint at a canvas, chauffeuring teenagers to band practice or, taking long walks on the beach with my IRL leading man and our two rescue poodles.

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