Hi. I’m J. Ember Hintz and I write steamy science fiction and fantasy romance. I love creating dark supernatural worlds ripe with mythology and magic.

You’ll meet rebellious FMCs who must fight tooth and claw to achieve agency over their own lives, but never a damsel in distress. My stories always include a morally gray anti-hero, an unlikable female character, and an inclusive cast.

My debut novel, The Ash Gardeners (currently published as A Garden of Echoes and Ash), was a 2021 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence Finalist, and 2022 Book Life Prize by Publisher’s Weekly Quarter Finalist.

I live near the ocean with my husband, children, and the occasional ghost. My alter ego works in a botanical garden. Job perks include unlimited inspiration for lush settings and quirky characters.

Fun Facts: J. Ember is my real first initial and middle name. I’m a spoonie who has a love-hate relationship with sleep and I refill my energy well by catching up with my TBR pile or binge watching my favorite shows. I’m feral for enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and fated mates romance tropes, and I believe the villain is the most important character in every story.