About The Author

I focus my creative energy on writing steamy urban fantasy featuring edgy heroines who save themselves. You’ll meet murderous disembodied spirits, human clones, apathetic ancient gods, psychic aliens, sentient space goo, LOTS of kissing, and hard-earned happily ever afters in my worlds, but #NoDamsels.

A hopeless romantic at heart, my alter ego enjoys a successful career in non-profit management as the Wedding and Events Director for a premier public venue. Job perks include an endless supply of cake, champagne, and IRL HEAs.

When I’m not making wedding dreams come true or breathing life into my fictional characters, you can find me in the studio throwing paint at a canvas, in the kitchen cooking for a horde of ravenous teenagers, or staying up way too late binging a good book.

Fun Fact: My pen name J.Ember is my REAL first initial and middle name.

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