Thanks for dropping by. I’m J.Ember Hintz and I write romance and gothic fiction with speculative and supernatural elements. You’ll meet murderous disembodied spirits, human clones, psychic cyborgs, and apathetic ancient gods in my worlds, but never a damsel in distress.


The Ash Gardeners

I’m hiding beneath an engineered husk. I steal memories and devour souls. My handler says I need to stop suppressing my gift and running from the past, but I’ll need to do both to pass my probationary assignment as a reaper. Too bad my gift has other plans. Gods help me because it wants him—the man I accidentally resurrected. Now my soul is enslaved to a human with a price on his head. A human intent on dragging me straight back to hell.


Rebel Diaries Anthology

Sometimes, all a reader wants is a villain for a hero. The Rebel Diaries anthology features characters who aren’t afraid of getting what they want, causing a bit of chaos, dabbling in mischief and mayhem, and slathering on the sarcasm. These sassy tales are littered with questionable morals and happy endings—for the villains anyway.

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