The Ash Gardeners

When a reaper accidentally enslaves herself to an ancient abomination, she must decide where her loyalties lie—with the clandestine organization that rules over the worlds of the living and the dead, or with the man who could teach her what it truly means to be alive.

Rebel Diaries Anthology

Sometimes, all a reader wants is a villain for a hero. The Rebel Diaries anthology features characters who aren’t afraid of getting what they want, causing a bit of chaos, dabbling in mischief and mayhem, and slathering on the sarcasm. These sassy tales are littered with questionable morals and happy endings—for the villains anyway.

Thanks for dropping by. I’m J.Ember Hintz. I write paranormal romance and gothic fiction with speculative and supernatural elements. You’ll meet murderous disembodied spirits, psychic cyborgs, unruly aliens, and apathetic ancient gods in my worlds, but never a damsel in distress.

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