Thanks for dropping by. I’m J.Ember Hintz and I write steamy romance with supernatural and sci-fi elements featuring hot-mess heroines who save themselves. You’ll meet murderous disembodied spirits, human clones, psychic cyborgs, and apathetic ancient gods in my worlds, but never a damsel in distress. 

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The Ash Gardeners


There are three things you can’t outrun, the truth, the past, and the dead.

That doesn’t stop Renae Martin from trying. Chased by the ghosts of her past, she’s determined to remain among the living and avoid being sent back to the sensory-deprived hell that is the afterlife. As long as she can control the hunger, follow orders, and maintain her cover, she’ll pass her probationary assignment as a Reaper. Too bad her gift has a mind and appetite of its own.